Receive Him: A Disciple’s Advent

The whole Christmas story hinges on birth.

Birth is messy. Risky. Life-changing.

Spiritual birth is also messy. Risky. Life-changing. 

As the disciples, Peter and John, and later the Apostles James and Paul, contemplated the wonder of the gift of Christ, they wrote about how they put His gift to use. This Advent, as we await the second coming of Christ, let us heed their exhortations to use this gift He has given.

Peter was born again to a living hope.

John actively took hold of the gift of love in order to be born again.

James allowed the good and perfect gift to complete Him and birth joy in his life.

Paul imitated Christ and experienced the peace that passes all understanding because he depended on Jesus, as a newborn depends on parents to care for him.

What can we do with the Gift of Christ? Let’s use this Advent season to find out.

Each day’s devotional reading includes a suggested family activity. A list of materials needed for the activities can be found in the print version of “Receive Him: A Disciple’s Advent.”

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