The Winning of Lady Wisdom

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Available March 2023…

Should he forsake the success he’s always wanted for the love he knows he needs?…

“Does not Wisdom call? Does she not raise her voice? At the crossroads, she takes her stand.”

In the city of Opportunity, Hyperon finds fulfillment and acceptance as he excels at his job with Specter & Associates. Not only is he making a way for himself, but he is helping to improve the lives of others.

When those improvements fade like mist, Hyperon begins to fear Mr. Specter’s enemy, a lady named Wisdom. She has altered the people he opposes, and he fears what she might do to him. When at last he meets her, Hyperon is intrigued by the Lady who can give a little girl courage and a defeated family hope. Specter is out to find Lady Wisdom too, and Hyperon must race against his former employer to gain Wisdom and help save her people.

Will Hyperon have what it takes to win her? Life and death are caught up in the winning- and the losing.

In this John Bunyan inspired fantasy, Wisdom personified walks off the pages of the Book of Proverbs and changes everything.

Incarnation Press, 2023.

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