Suggested Advent Schedule

Nov. 21        Awaiting the Birth

Nov. 22        Who Received Him

Nov. 23        The Ugly Doll

Nov. 24        Twinking Lights

Nov. 25        Born

Nov. 26        A Little Child

Nov. 27        Believing

Nov. 28        Peter’s Hope

Nov. 29        God’s Motivation

Nov. 30        A Lively Hope

Dec. 1        Living God

Dec. 2        Confident Expectation

Dec. 3        Rising

Dec. 4        Hope Protected

Dec. 5        John’s Love

Dec. 6        Made Visible

Dec. 7        Love Confronts Sin

Dec. 8        The Full Measure of Love

Dec. 9        Abides and Protects

Dec. 10        Full Circle

Dec. 11        Our First Love

Dec. 12        The Warrior, Joy

Dec. 13        Passing the Test

Dec. 14        Growing Up

Dec. 15        Asking

Dec. 16        Treasure What Lasts

Dec. 17        Life or Death

Dec. 18        God Never Changes

Dec. 19        Paul’s Peace

Dec. 20        Where Peace Comes From

Dec. 21        The Three Rs of Peace

Dec. 22        Mind Blown

Dec. 23        Hear. See. Do.

Dec. 24        Sleep Like a Baby

Dec. 25        The Best Gift

Dec. 26        Christ’s Gift

This devotional can be read at any time. These are just suggested dates for the Advent season.

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