April 1: Courage for the Battle

Read Joshua 1:7-9

Recently, the mother of a 3 year old boy submitted his question to Dr. Albert Mohler.

“Does the Holy Spirit use a microphone?”

I thought Dr. Mohler’s answer on his podcast, The Briefing, was great: “The Holy Spirit speaks through God’s Word.”

Author Jim Logan wrote, “Spiritual warfare takes place in the battlefield of the mind.”

As the Holy Spirit speaks through God’s word, it provides everything we need mentally for defense against temptation and offense for God’s glory.

God commanded Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” How was he to remain so? By obedience and constant meditation on God’s Word.

One of Mark Twain’s short stories included one about reading a jingle in a newspaper and being haunted by it for days. The jingle stuck in the man’s head so that he couldn’t say any other words or sleep at night. It haunted him. I’ve had songs stuck in my head that were about as bad.

What if we meditated on God’s word to a degree that it is what constantly filled the space behind our eyes- effecting our speech, thoughts, and actions? It provides the weapons we need for spiritual warfare.

I’d bet we’d win the battle against sin much more often and be strengthened to love the Lord in obedience instead.

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