April 11: Healthy View of Health

Read 3 John

If the Lord tarries and archeaologists study America 1,000 years from now, they will find the massive health complexes in every city and imagine that they were temples.

We Americans have a fixation with health. It is tempting to make good health into an idol that consumes all of our time, resources, brain space, and conversation.

A missionary to Africa visited our church one time. He was a veterinarian who served in poor countries for many years. His life and health had often been in danger. Something he said convicted me.

“If you health isn’t on the altar as a part of your living sacrifice to God, then it has become an idol.”

He was, of course, speaking about Romans 12: “present your bodies as a living sacrifice.” That includes health.

The Apostle John wrote a letter to his friend Gaius where he said, “I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health as it goes well with your soul.”

John kept health in its proper perspective. It was good to pray for his friend’s health, but even more vital to recognize that health will eventually fail while the soul only grows more vibrant.

A woman I admire has many health struggles. She has often prayed that the Lord will give her the measure of health that will most glorify Him. I think she has the Biblical perspective of health. Obviously, our health effects our ability to serve the Lord, but we shouldn’t let concerns about our health keep us from serving the Lord.

John commended Gaius’ faithful effort in supporting Christian brothers. He exhorted him to continue to do good with whatever measure of health he had that day.

Let us never hesitate to serve the Lord with all of our strength just because it may jeopardize our health. Be willing to allow the Healer control the measure of health you need to best glorify Him.

Do you allow your health to become an idol, spending more time thinking about it than about the Lord?

Do you use the measure of health the Lord has given you to serve and glorify Him?

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