April 7: The Miracle of Fruit

Read Matthew 3:1-10

My children have been busily plotting out the produce they want to grow in the garden this year.

My youngest son skipped all the steps and said he would just like to have jars of jelly.

Jelly begins with fruit, and even fruit begins somewhere. It is always miraculous when I show the kids a blossom and we watch a bee pollinating. They giggle at the yellow dust on the bee’s legs and they wonder at how the flower and pollen add up to an apple.

Two life-streams meet to yield sustenance.

John the Baptist told his listeners, “Bear fruit in keeping with repentance!”

When we repent, we leave our own way to join God’s. We think, speak, and act differently. It’s as if God pollinates us with eternal life, joining us to Himself to produce what is eternal.

All our strength now exists to yield this type of eternal fruit. What attitudes, words, and actions are you producing? Are they fruit in keeping with repentance?When we love the Lord with all our strength, it shows in the fruit.

What fruit are you producing?

What spiritual fruit do you try to produce without the Lord’s help? Allow Him to be the Gardener.

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