March 10: When?

Read Romans 5:6-11; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

I think we’ve seen that we cannot be made whole.

Our fractured pieces are in such a state that no adhesive could make them whole again.

Just this week, my little boy dropped a glass casserole dish on the cement floor of the garage. It shattered into a billion tiny pieces.

He immediately exclaimed: “Oh mama! I’m so sorry! I will fix it!” and was even more dismayed when he realized he would not be able to.

I have other casserole dishes but only one youngest son, so we swept up the pieces together, lamenting that they would never be whole again.

Even in our unfixable state, when we were sinners rebelling against God, enemies on the other side, God made a plan to make us whole.

He could not glue our pieces back together, but He would give us a perfect wholeness brand new!

While we were openly hostile to God, nursing our wounds like a cornered animal, teeth bared, that’s precisely when He reconciled us.

When we visited South Africa, we had to change our American dollars for the South African Rand. Our currency had to be reconciled before we could purchase anything.

This is exactly what the Lord has done: taken us, a broken, foreign substance, exchanged us for the currency of His Son, who is perfect, and paid the price of wholeness.

No longer enemies, we are reconciled. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord for exchanging His Son to make you whole.

What glue do you look to to put your pieces back together? Forsake it. Trust Jesus Only.

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