March 13: How?

Read Mark 2:1-17

In my community, it is occasionally difficult to know which governing agencies have jurisdiction.

Tribal, state, and federal governments all have their roles and objectives, but they often get confused about where and how they are able to enforce laws.

Jesus is the only one who has designated jurisdiction over sin.

He proved this in the hopeless case of the paralytic man. Mark tells us Jesus said to the crowd, “Is it easier to say to the paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or ‘Take up your bed and walk.’?”

Jesus could do both.

How does He forgive sin? Well, the Father gives Him the authority. This conferred power makes it possible, and Scripture is clear that there is no one and nothing else that has been given jurisdiction over sin.

Once, a person wearing medical scrubs came to my house in a vehicle with government plates. She demanded to know how many people were in the dwelling and if they all belonged to my household. Before answering, I asked her to tell me who she was, what agency sent her, and who gave her authority to demand this information.

As it turned out, she had no authority, and so, I politely declined to answer any questions.

When we try to substitute other methods for dealing with sin in our lives, nothing happens. Substitutes like good deeds, karma, cover ups, and will power have no authority or jurisdiction, and sin sends them packing.

Jesus has the power to evict sin. Let Him do it.

Do you believe Jesus has the authority to forgive your sin?

Have you been trying to take authority over your sin? Relinquish it to the correct Authority!

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