March 20: Springs of Life

Read John 7:37-39

When we allow the Lord to unify, create, use, and train our hearts, we are also allowing Him to abide there.

When the Apostle Paul wrote that God’s power “may rest” on me, his word picture denotes the Holy Spirit pitching a tent right on his heart. The Lord makes His dwelling- of all the places!- in our hearts.

Jesus said it would work like this:

The heart would first thirst.

We must realize our need, in light of our sinfulness. We must thirst for a cure.

Second, we must come to Him. Thirst does no good unless it drives us to look for a water source.

Third, we must drink of the water. We will still die of thirst if all we do is look at the water. We must drink!

Finally, we must believe, consenting to be persuaded by the thirst-quenching qualities of the Living Water. Drinking the water persuades us that it is the only thing that can save us from thirsting to death.

Once we have believed, the Spirit of God takes up residence in the very seat of our thoughts, choices, and feelings- our hearts.

We have come under new ownership, praise the Lord!

What will it look like if the Spirit controls your thoughts?

Your choices?

Your emotions?

Allow Him to overflow from your heart today.

Extra Reading: Isaiah 55:1-9
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