March 24: The Thirsty Soul

Read Psalm 63:1-8

My husband’s family has this saying: “I’m thirsting to death.”

Everyone who thirsts thinks he must have water, and he must have it now!

Thirst drives us to drink, and we must drink to stay alive. If your thirst-er was broken and never reminded you to go get a drink, you would die.

The Lord allows us to experience the discomfort of thirst so that we will seek out what quenches. The Psalmist knew this when he wrote, “My soul thirsts for you.”

Our souls are empty- dead, really- before the Lord fills them.

My son just had his fifth birthday this week, and we had the great joy of celebrating it with our family. All of the kids got a balloon that they were allowed to blow up. It was funny to watch the different kids in all their varying effort to inflate their balloons.

The older children had the more satisfying experience of watching the empty, limp balloon skin filling with air. They quickly tied them off and bounced them back and forth.

The younger ones blew like the big bad wolf, but all their effort resulted in the tiniest, grape sized beginnings of a balloon. Most asked for help, and soon, all the children had nice round inflated balloons.

A deflated balloon is a picture of a thirsty soul, just waiting to be filled. So often we try to inflate our souls with that which does not quench the thirst we have for God.

His Spirit is the only thing that can fill our souls, quenching our thirst, satisfying our souls as with fat and rich food.

Let’s go to Him for help.

How do you try to quench your spiritual thirst?

What do you do to quench your thirst for the Lord? How can you incorporate that into your private worship? Your public worship?

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