March 27: Restored

Read Psalm 23

Fire mesmerizes.

We had a camp fire with the kids this week, and long after the flames died down, they sat staring into the glowing embers.

A matchhead shouldn’t produce flame, but it does with enough friction. Watching it is like a fairy tale that’s come true.

When the Psalmist wrote “The Lord is my Shepherd,” he knew exactly what he was talking about because he had been a shepherd himself.

Just a few lines down, he wrote, “He restores my soul.”

Restores. God brings back our soul from being dead in our trespasses and sins and propels it into eternal life. It is even more wonderful than the unexplainable surprise of the matchhead bursting into flame.

Our souls are the match. His hand produces the friction between our soul and the hardships of this world. When the flame of the Holy Spirit leaps up, He purifies us and makes us clean.

How brightly are you burning?

If it has been a long time since your soul was restored, pray and ask the Lord to stoke His fire within you.

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