March 29: A Soul Prepared for Battle

Read Ephesians 6:10-18

The Apostle Paul didn’t mention the soul when he wrote about the armor of God.

However, if the soul is the part of us that can be born again, then our soul wears the armor. The belt of truth is cinched around the waist of the soul. The helmet is the salvation of the soul.

Each piece of armor guarantees our defense against the roaring lion seeking to devour our souls. Only the armor of God is adequate defense.

I’ve never had to defend myself against a lion, but I did encounter a bear while hiking in North Carolina. I made a quick mental checklist of all the items in my backpack: no gun, no knife, no stick, no bear spray. I had nothing for my defense, but I did have peanut butter crackers. My best plan was to throw a cracker to distract it while I ran the other way.

I am thankful I didn’t have to use my crackers. A pickup truck happened by at just the right moment and gave me a ride to safety.

Just as my peanut butter cracker wouldn’t have defended me from a bear, all our own efforts don’t protect our souls from Satan- that roaring lion seeking to devour.

Only the Armor of God can defend us.

We gotta be the salt. We gotta be the light.

We gotta get left, or we gotta get right.

Trying to be sensitive has got us in a mess.

Put on your armor and take one in the chest.

Gotta Move, Go Fish Guys

How do you defend yourself against attacks from Satan? Are you relying on peanut butter crackers or trusting in the defense God designed?

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