March 5: A Separation

Read Isaiah 59:1-13; 1 John 4:7-12, 5:13-15

We’ve watched in slow motion as sin has crouched by the door, obliterated our chances of being written in God’s book, and ensnared us with no hope of escape.

Frame by frame, the devouring lion crouches, leaps, and captures his prey.

What is the outcome? When we sin, we separate ourselves from God. It’s a messy ending.

When God made light, He separated the light from the darkness. They exist separately, fading into one another but never crossing paths.

Our separation from God conceals His face. We cannot see Him. We cannot hear Him. There is nothing faulty about His ears, but we have run far enough away as to render His perfect hearing useless to ourselves.

It is like my four year old expecting me to hear him in the house when he has gone outside without permission.

When I lie, the Truth is deaf to me.

When I cheat, the Judge is deaf to me.

When I gossip, the Life is deaf to me.

When I disobey, my Father is deaf to me.

He can hear the Truth. The Truth about my sin is that it banishes me from the Presence of the Lord, just as darkness flees when we turn on a light.

I have dear friends in Africa. The whole ocean separates us, but love unites us. Love crosses separations of all types.

We have sinned and further fragmented our spiritual lives by separating ourselves from God. However, the Truth is that He loves us. When we repent of our sin, telling the Truth about it, He hears. When we call, He saves.

Have you accused God of deafness?

What sins are separating you from God today?

Make it right with Him, allowing Him to remove the separating wall.

Extra reading: Genesis 1

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