March 7: Come Out

Read Revelation 18:4-8, Gen. 19:1-29

A woman tearfully told me that her boyfriend was abusive. As she recounted being choked until she was unconscious, I couldn’t sit still.

But, when she told me that he held her three year old daughter over a fire until he could get what he wanted, I said, “You have to come out of this situation!”

The danger was too great, and the cost was too high.

“Come out!” the Lord offers this same urgent warning to His people who dwell in “Babylon the Great.”

Whether Babylon in this prophecy is a city, country, religion, or movement is a question beyond my paygrade, but I often think of her as America today. Whatever it is, it is certain that she has walked the same way as sin for so long, that her sins have piled up and accompanied her all the way to the heavens. The Lord knows about her sinfulness.

Two things have ruined her beyond repair: 1. Glorifying herself and 2. Living deliciously.

She considers herself most important because she is the only thing of value, in her own estimation. Also, her self indulgence has run riot.

She has only one outcome: God will consume her.

And so, He warns His people: “Come Out, lest you take part in her sins!”

God doesn’t just tell them to go out. He tells them to come out- not only to leave but also where to run. Run to Him.

It’s an invitation we must heed if we are going to be delivered from His consuming fire. Whatever the cost, we must leave sin and death and escape to the only One who can shield us from it. He offers us a home.

How do you separate yourself from sin?

In which settings or groups are you most tempted to give in to sin? How can you avoid them?

When have you glorified self and lived deliciously? How can you instead glorify Christ and live crucified?

Extra Reading: Hebrews 12:25-29
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