Awaiting the Birth

The wonder of birth is wrapped up in waiting.

As we wait for a baby to be born, he or she is growing inside of mother’s womb.

There’s a lot that happens in that time of waiting. By day 22, the baby has a heartbeat. On day 42, you might find the baby hiccuping and spontaneously moving his or her arms, hands, and legs. By day 70, the baby has his own unique set of fingerprints, and it has all happened while we wait!

That’s what Advent is: waiting with wonder.

The world had waited a very long time before the Savior came, born as an infant that silent night. Our anticipation of Christmas morning is nothing compared with the wait humanity had for a Savior. We celebrate it because it was a moment of wonder, filled with all the miraculous impossibility that accompanies every birth in addition to the spiritual impossiblity of incarnation.

The whole Christmas story hinges on birth.

Birth is messy. Risky. Life-changing.

Spiritual birth is also messy. Risky. Life-changing. 

As the disciples, Peter and John, and later the Apostles James and Paul, contemplated the wonder of the gift of Christ, they wrote about how they put His gift to use. This Advent, as we await the second coming of Christ, let us heed their exhortations to use this gift He has given.

Peter was born again to a living hope. John actively took hold of the gift of love in order to be born again. James allowed the good and perfect gift to complete Him and birth joy in his life. Paul imitated Christ and experienced the peace that passes all understanding because he depended on Jesus, just as a newborn depends on his parents to care for him.

Each wonder-filled birth leads to a life full of potential. 

This summer, I attended the birth of twins. Holding those tiny newborns, I was overwhelmed with wonder at how God creates each of us, and I wondered what these tiny babies will grow up to be and do. 

The family had been looking forward to their birth for nine long months. Now, hope birthed love. Love multiplied into joy. Joy grew into peace. The gift of birth transformed waiting into action.

Mother set her whole life aside to exclusively focus on the new lives. Father worked hard to provide for the babies and other children and rejoiced at his work. Brothers and sisters pitched in to help the household run smoothly. Even neighbors and friends joined in to bring groceries and offer encouragement. 

All were willing to change because the gift of life they had been waiting for had arrived. 

What can we do with the Gift of Christ? Let’s use this Advent season to find out.

Happy Thanksgiving! Perhaps you decorate your Christmas tree or do some Christmas shopping early. Why not start the habit of Advent family worship time early too?

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