Sinking Prayers

Sinking prayers twist our gut. We listened in unblinking suspense as sportscaster Dan Orlovsky prayed live for football player Damar Hamlin after he collapsed on the field. We watched in growing horror as meteorologist Matt Laubhan prayed during his weather forecast as he realized that a devastating tornado would rip across a small Mississippi town. Continue reading “Sinking Prayers”

Take a Stab at Doubt

The Gospel writers all take a stab at doubt. As they write about life, they put doubt to death.  A policeman in my community once told me, “You know its Spring when the first stabbing of the year happens.” I would rather think about chicks and bunnies, but his point was that people who canContinue reading “Take a Stab at Doubt”

Butterfly Rules

We studied the book of Galatians in Sunday School last week.  I asked the children, “Do Christians have rules?” Well, of course they do. They shouldn’t steal or lie or hit their sisters.  Then I asked the children, “Does keeping the rules make them Christians?”  This one was more difficult, and they scratched their headsContinue reading “Butterfly Rules”

“The Winning of Lady Wisdom” #1 New Release in its Category

Adam sought wisdom in a forbidden way. When he accepted the fruit from Eve’s hand, the false promise from the enemy was still ringing in his ears: Your eyessss will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil…. We all inherited the desire to define our own good and our ownContinue reading ““The Winning of Lady Wisdom” #1 New Release in its Category”

The Burden of Justice

My social media feed was filled with cries for justice this week. A man was killed, and the suspect eluded authorities for several days. The community would not rest until it had justice. When I first moved to my community, I gave a young woman a ride. She was in foster care and had sufferedContinue reading “The Burden of Justice”

Beginning and End

“Nothing could ever matter again but the things that were eternal,” missionary Amy Carmichael’s words floated over the heads of the little girls gathered together in the church. I was telling Amy’s story of leaving her family and home to travel to India to share the Good News of Jesus. The girls from my neighborhoodContinue reading “Beginning and End”

Sustaining Power

My oldest daughter has her driver’s permit.  Though I use winter as an excuse to avoid letting her drive, my husband decided it was a fine time to let her drive to the city two hours away. High speeds, passing lanes, interstate on ramps, and semi trucks were included. Let me tell you, friends, myContinue reading “Sustaining Power”

Burdens the Lord Carries

At a funeral, the pallbearers carry the heavy burden of the casket, but the family and friends have the greater burden of the loss.  Watching a child mourn the loss of her mother, I contemplated that burden this week. It is too heavy. It made me think of my own five year old, who fiercelyContinue reading “Burdens the Lord Carries”