30 Days of Peace in Christ

When driving across the country, I often push the brakes. I push them so often that my leg gets sore. The funny thing about this is that I am sitting in the passenger seat.

How often do we try to take over even when something is out of our control?

For me, it is too often.

The Lord Jesus promises that His burden is light. Why do we insist on carrying our own heavy burdens instead of accepting His help?

Walking with the Lord brings peace when I pry my deathgrip off of the things I can’t control and trust Him instead.

In recent years, I have tried to practice this trust for the first month of the year particularly in hopes that a habit once begun will continue.

The Lord Jesus is my peace, and I hope you will be encouraged to find your peace in Him too. My prayer is that 30 Days of Peace of Christ Challenge will become a lifetime practice of trusting Jesus.

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