Flowers in the Desert, Part 2

In the Atacama Desert, three plant species can give us a tutorial on blooming in drought.     Llareta, an evergreen perennial, cannot grow in shade. It only grows about 1.5 cm per year, but lives to be about 3,000 years old. The plant’s leaves grow into a dense mat close to the ground, where theContinue reading “Flowers in the Desert, Part 2”

Memorize the Word

My brother-in-Christ, James, memorized Psalm 91 before he became a Christian.     He was struggling with opposition, and his mom encouraged him to memorize Psalm 91 and say it whenever he was afraid.     One day, he recited the whole Psalm for his neighbor, who invited James to come to church. James went. He heardContinue reading “Memorize the Word”