Devils Lake March for Life

You might have had trouble navigating through the streets of downtown Devils Lake last Wednesday night. Perhaps you had to wait as the approximately 100 advocates for life marched together holding candles, saying prayers, and remembering all of those who have been affected by abortion. A little girl walked out of one of the downtownContinue reading “Devils Lake March for Life”

The Orange Peel Gospel

While we were visiting family in Florida, we had an orange peeling contest. My mother-in-law laid butcher paper across the length of the room, and our children, nieces, and nephews lined up on either side of the paper. Each child was given five oranges. They have often seen their fathers, native Floridians, peel an orangeContinue reading “The Orange Peel Gospel”

Power Walkers: North Dakota Sisters Practice Resilience on the John Muir Trail

    From top to bottom, the state of North Dakota spans 211 miles, the same distance as the John Muir Trail across the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.      After moving to the city of Salem, Oregon, North Dakota natives Molly and Carrie Nienhuis began to miss the beauty and wildness of home.      “I thinkContinue reading “Power Walkers: North Dakota Sisters Practice Resilience on the John Muir Trail”

Out of Time

Over the holidays, aging grandparents and growing children reminded me that time never stands still.     As the New Year dawns, we stuff calendars with dates and times, trying to find room for every event and appointment. A valuable measuring tool becomes an enemy on a daily basis as we race against time, fight againstContinue reading “Out of Time”

Christ’s Gift

An old ornament hangs on my tree. It says, “Baby’s First Christmas 1983.” My first Christmas happened a long time ago, and I don’t remember any gift or event from that day. However, Christ’s Gift only grows more poignant and memorable with time. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us,” John wrote. Christmas DayContinue reading “Christ’s Gift”

The Three R’s of Peace

An Excerpt from “Receive Him: A Disciple’s Advent” Philippians 4:4-6; Luke 2:22-40 Anna had many reasons to grumble, complain, and lament. She had been married young, but after only seven years, her husband died leaving her alone and childless. In her day and time, there was no way she could provide for herself. How wouldContinue reading “The Three R’s of Peace”

Paul’s Peace

When my grandmother passed away, I inherited a unique Kurdish kilim. It is a woven hall runner with intricately made designs. When I turn it over to clean, I am always amazed at the tangles of knots and thread on the back. The artisans who weave kilims have an amazing skill. Psalm 139 tells usContinue reading “Paul’s Peace”

John’s Love

The disciple John chose a nickname for himself: the disciple whom Jesus loved. He defined himself by the love of Jesus. He knew what love was because He had known Jesus. When a woman finds out that she is expecting a baby, she often starts eating differently, exercising differently, and planning differently. You can tellContinue reading “John’s Love”