This is the Work

Last week, my kids got vaccinations.  As the nurse set out the band-aids and calmly talked us through the process, I appreciated her efficiency and adeptness. Later that same day, my son had football practice. It was raining. The coach, who arrived before anyone else, put on his rain gear and got ready for theContinue reading “This is the Work”

The River Road

If we hurried in the morning, we would have a few extra minutes to take the river road to school.  Of the two routes, it was preferable. U.S. 1, flanked by used car dealerships and run down gas stations, was cluttered with cars and offered no enticing scenery. However, Indian River Drive wove alongside theContinue reading “The River Road”

Star Stuff is Still Dust

    American Astronomer Carl Sagan narrated Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, an award winning television series that became the most widely watched series in the history of television.     In public elementary school, many students like me were shown clips of Sagan’s series, where he told us, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in ourContinue reading “Star Stuff is Still Dust”