Beginning and End

“Nothing could ever matter again but the things that were eternal,” missionary Amy Carmichael’s words floated over the heads of the little girls gathered together in the church. I was telling Amy’s story of leaving her family and home to travel to India to share the Good News of Jesus. The girls from my neighborhoodContinue reading “Beginning and End”

Cleansed or Consumed?

Many men work hard for spiritual cleansing. Some stoke the fire. Some bring large stones to place in the fire. Once the stones are hot, still other men remove them from the fire and pour water over them to create a great storehouse of steam. They bathe in the steam they have created, hoping theirContinue reading “Cleansed or Consumed?”

Kindness Came Looking

Prodigals break our hearts. One day, they grin toothlessly at the camera as they hold up the cake celebrating their 10th birthday, and it seems like the next when they peer at you confusedly with blue lips and skin as their body tries to process the poison of fentanyl.  When you care about the prodigal,Continue reading “Kindness Came Looking”