This is the Work

Last week, my kids got vaccinations.  As the nurse set out the band-aids and calmly talked us through the process, I appreciated her efficiency and adeptness. Later that same day, my son had football practice. It was raining. The coach, who arrived before anyone else, put on his rain gear and got ready for theContinue reading “This is the Work”

Catalytic Converter

Yesterday, someone asked me if I was a teacher or a student. As a home educator, I can proudly answer, “Both!”

The kids and I did a science experiment this week that still has the wheels of my brain turning. In Jay Wile’s Science in the Industrial Age, he details the life and work of Jons Jakob Berzelius. In addition to exploring chemical formulas, denatured proteins, and organic chemicals, we also learned about catalysts.

Our experiment explored the behavior of a catalyst….

The River Road

If we hurried in the morning, we would have a few extra minutes to take the river road to school.  Of the two routes, it was preferable. U.S. 1, flanked by used car dealerships and run down gas stations, was cluttered with cars and offered no enticing scenery. However, Indian River Drive wove alongside theContinue reading “The River Road”

In Deep Water

Swimming lessons had us at the pool more often this summer, and the most common phrase I heard there was “Don’t go so deep!” Why are children allured by deep water? They splash and play happily, all while edging closer and closer to that moment when the level of the water will be above theirContinue reading “In Deep Water”

Surrounded by God’s Shouts of Deliverance

My children and I recently visited the On-A-Slant Mandan Village at Fort Abraham Lincoln in Mandan, ND.  We had fun exploring the round houses and marveling at their construction. In the models of the village as it was in the early 1700’s, there is a long palisade along one side. As I looked at theContinue reading “Surrounded by God’s Shouts of Deliverance”

Swallowed Up

If Fairy Tales are any indication, one of mankind’s worst fears is being swallowed up. Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, and The Gingerbread Man all include antagonists who will swallow you in one gulp, one bite, or one meal. To be swallowed is to be consumed, to cease toContinue reading “Swallowed Up”

For the Birds

We’ve been delighted with the flurry of Baltimore Orioles visiting our bird feeders this year. My oldest son laughed when he learned that they like to eat orange slices and grape jelly.  When we noticed them drinking out of the hummingbird feeders, we wondered why they had such a sweet tooth.  Orioles, Grosbeaks, and HummingbirdsContinue reading “For the Birds”