Butterfly Rules

We studied the book of Galatians in Sunday School last week.  I asked the children, “Do Christians have rules?” Well, of course they do. They shouldn’t steal or lie or hit their sisters.  Then I asked the children, “Does keeping the rules make them Christians?”  This one was more difficult, and they scratched their headsContinue reading “Butterfly Rules”

“The Winning of Lady Wisdom” #1 New Release in its Category

Adam sought wisdom in a forbidden way. When he accepted the fruit from Eve’s hand, the false promise from the enemy was still ringing in his ears: Your eyessss will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil…. We all inherited the desire to define our own good and our ownContinue reading ““The Winning of Lady Wisdom” #1 New Release in its Category”

The Three R’s of Peace

An Excerpt from “Receive Him: A Disciple’s Advent” Philippians 4:4-6; Luke 2:22-40 Anna had many reasons to grumble, complain, and lament. She had been married young, but after only seven years, her husband died leaving her alone and childless. In her day and time, there was no way she could provide for herself. How wouldContinue reading “The Three R’s of Peace”