Bringing Holiness to Completion

Between Russia invading Ukraine and covid issues, problems fracture us. There are plenty of opinions but very few solutions.     What if we could find all the solutions and be made whole?     Isn’t that what the Ancient Greeks were looking for when they visited the Oracle of Delphi? Columbus searched for answers on everyContinue reading “Bringing Holiness to Completion”

The Big Game

Tomorrow is the big game. The Bengals square off against the Rams in Super Bowl LVI. What do you think quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford will be doing in the morning? Stafford, quarterback for the Rams, recently told the press, “I think you treat it just like every other game when it gets toContinue reading “The Big Game”

Racial Reconciliation and Me

Some of my ancestors were slaveholders. Do I need to confess the sin of their active participation in the system of American slavery?  My immediate reaction to this question has always been, “No!” because I don’t confess all the times they lied or cheated; however, reading John Perkins’s book One Blood: Parting Words to theContinue reading “Racial Reconciliation and Me”

A Conduit for the Lord

    When the Lord works in the lives of His people, He includes His people in doing the work.  Pastor Steve Osage has served as a conduit of the Lord’s blessings to ministries across the Dakotas for the past twenty years, exemplifying Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who works in you, both to willContinue reading “A Conduit for the Lord”

Flowers in the Desert, Part 2

In the Atacama Desert, three plant species can give us a tutorial on blooming in drought.     Llareta, an evergreen perennial, cannot grow in shade. It only grows about 1.5 cm per year, but lives to be about 3,000 years old. The plant’s leaves grow into a dense mat close to the ground, where theContinue reading “Flowers in the Desert, Part 2”

Memorize the Word

My brother-in-Christ, James, memorized Psalm 91 before he became a Christian.     He was struggling with opposition, and his mom encouraged him to memorize Psalm 91 and say it whenever he was afraid.     One day, he recited the whole Psalm for his neighbor, who invited James to come to church. James went. He heardContinue reading “Memorize the Word”