Burdens the Lord Carries

At a funeral, the pallbearers carry the heavy burden of the casket, but the family and friends have the greater burden of the loss.  Watching a child mourn the loss of her mother, I contemplated that burden this week. It is too heavy. It made me think of my own five year old, who fiercelyContinue reading “Burdens the Lord Carries”

Power Walkers: North Dakota Sisters Practice Resilience on the John Muir Trail

    From top to bottom, the state of North Dakota spans 211 miles, the same distance as the John Muir Trail across the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.      After moving to the city of Salem, Oregon, North Dakota natives Molly and Carrie Nienhuis began to miss the beauty and wildness of home.      “I thinkContinue reading “Power Walkers: North Dakota Sisters Practice Resilience on the John Muir Trail”

For the Birds

We’ve been delighted with the flurry of Baltimore Orioles visiting our bird feeders this year. My oldest son laughed when he learned that they like to eat orange slices and grape jelly.  When we noticed them drinking out of the hummingbird feeders, we wondered why they had such a sweet tooth.  Orioles, Grosbeaks, and HummingbirdsContinue reading “For the Birds”