Overcoming Evil One Note at a Time

A friend came to tune our piano. It was a lengthy process, as our piano has not been tuned for the entire time we’ve owned it. Each key had to be tuned to the tone it was designed to play, in addition to being tuned to its fellow keys. The tuner worked meticulously with aContinue reading “Overcoming Evil One Note at a Time”

Kindness Came Looking

Prodigals break our hearts. One day, they grin toothlessly at the camera as they hold up the cake celebrating their 10th birthday, and it seems like the next when they peer at you confusedly with blue lips and skin as their body tries to process the poison of fentanyl.  When you care about the prodigal,Continue reading “Kindness Came Looking”

Your Gentleness has made me Great

The snow has melted enough this week to be able to see the seesaw in our neighborhood playground. Soon, children will be back at play, laughing as they go up, crying when they pinch their heels or hit their chins on the way down. Yet, they all persist in loving the seesaw. It’s funny toContinue reading “Your Gentleness has made me Great”

Death in the Pot

    There are some pictures too ugly to paint with words.      I recently visited a friend who is homeless and suicidal. While speaking with my friend, I remembered times past when I sat beside the ICU bed of first her father and then her mother whose organs shut down after lifetimes of habitual drugContinue reading “Death in the Pot”

Star Stuff is Still Dust

    American Astronomer Carl Sagan narrated Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, an award winning television series that became the most widely watched series in the history of television.     In public elementary school, many students like me were shown clips of Sagan’s series, where he told us, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in ourContinue reading “Star Stuff is Still Dust”