Butterfly Rules

We studied the book of Galatians in Sunday School last week.  I asked the children, “Do Christians have rules?” Well, of course they do. They shouldn’t steal or lie or hit their sisters.  Then I asked the children, “Does keeping the rules make them Christians?”  This one was more difficult, and they scratched their headsContinue reading “Butterfly Rules”

The Burden of Justice

My social media feed was filled with cries for justice this week. A man was killed, and the suspect eluded authorities for several days. The community would not rest until it had justice. When I first moved to my community, I gave a young woman a ride. She was in foster care and had sufferedContinue reading “The Burden of Justice”

Beginning and End

“Nothing could ever matter again but the things that were eternal,” missionary Amy Carmichael’s words floated over the heads of the little girls gathered together in the church. I was telling Amy’s story of leaving her family and home to travel to India to share the Good News of Jesus. The girls from my neighborhoodContinue reading “Beginning and End”