“The Winning of Lady Wisdom” #1 New Release in its Category

Adam sought wisdom in a forbidden way. When he accepted the fruit from Eve’s hand, the false promise from the enemy was still ringing in his ears: Your eyessss will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil…. We all inherited the desire to define our own good and our ownContinue reading ““The Winning of Lady Wisdom” #1 New Release in its Category”

New Book Coming Soon!

I am so excited to announce the upcoming release of my new novel, “The Winning of Lady Wisdom.” This book has been in the works for more than ten years, and it has been fun to watch it come to life over the past few months. Have you ever wondered what it would look likeContinue reading “New Book Coming Soon!”

Racial Reconciliation and Me

Some of my ancestors were slaveholders. Do I need to confess the sin of their active participation in the system of American slavery?  My immediate reaction to this question has always been, “No!” because I don’t confess all the times they lied or cheated; however, reading John Perkins’s book One Blood: Parting Words to theContinue reading “Racial Reconciliation and Me”